Decision 2016 Trading Cards
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As described on the How to Collect page, both Hobby Box and Retail Packs/Box have been randomly packed with Base Cards, as well as the special Inserts for each set.  Be sure to review the Product Checklist for a complete list of cards.  As cards are randomly inserted, there may be a specific card you want, but did not get in your Box or Pack.  Be sure to watch eBay for opportunities to purchase any cards in the secondary market.  At Decision 2016 Trading Cards, we will keep our eyes on eBay as well and update this page with links to Hot Items and recent auctions.

  • Decision 2016 Hillary Clinton Cut Signature Blue Foil Auto eBay link
  • Decision 2016 Hillary Clinton God Bless America Commemorative Flag Card eBay link
  • Decision 2016 Chris Christie God Bless America Flag Patch - Green Foil eBay link
  • Decision 2016 GOD BLESS AMERICA Mike Huckabee Flag Patch-Blue Foil eBay link
  • 2016 Decision DONALD J. TRUMP Hawaii Industry Summit Exclusive #P1 Rare SP NEW eBay link
  • 2016 Decision BERNIE SANDERS Hawaii Industry Summit PROMO CARD #P16 Rare SP NEW eBay link 
  • 2016 Decision MELANIA TRUMP Hawaii Industry Summit PROMO CARD #P9 "Spouses" RARE eBay link
  • 2016 Decision MARCO RUBIO Hawaii Industry Summit PROMO CARD #12 Future Star 2020 eBay link