Decision 2016 Trading Cards
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The Entrepreneur

Decision 2016 Trading Cards have been created under the direction of Brian Wallos. A lifelong card collector and political enthusiast, Brian wanted to memorialize the road to the White House for other political aficionados and collectors with a high quality product that would share information. With over 30 years in the business of collectibles and trading cards, Brian saw this as the perfect opportunity to educate voters and on lookers about the key candidates and other people and issues involved in the 2016 Presidential Race. 

The Cards

The Decision 2016 Trading Cards feature 60 politicians, capture key moments and introduce other key players, such as spouses and influencers.  The 110 Base Set consists of cards in the following sub sets: Candidates; Influencers; The Spouses; The Debates; Finalists; Campaign Moments; and Future Stars 2020.

In addition to the Base Set cards, commemorative insert cards featuring other exciting categories and items such as real currency, gems and more surprises will be randomly inserted in card packs! These insert sets include: High Numbers #111 - #135; Authentic Cut Signature Cards; First Ladies Portraits (RETAIL ONLY); Candidate Portraits; Trump Under Fire; and Jumbo Box Toppers (HOBBY ONLY).  Hobby Version Rare Inserts ("Hits") include: God Bless America Flags (Mini Patch) (HOBBY ONLY); Road To The White House Letters (HOBBY ONLY);  Elite Premium Set (HOBBY ONLY); Super Flags (Jumbo Flag Patch) (HOBBY ONLY); Political Gems (HOBBY ONLY);  Pieces of America (HOBBY ONLY) and Money Card (HOBBY ONLY).

These high quality cards are 100% Made in America!