Decision 2016 Trading Cards
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Product Checklist-Original

The Decision 2016 Trading Card Master Checklist, posted below, has been updated as of May 29, 2016. Please note that there may be previous versions of a checklist posted on other web sites; when there are differences, the checklist posted here on the Decision 2016 Trading Cards web site should be considered the most accurate source.


This is a complete product checklist of the Decision 2016 Trading Cards that have been created as part of the Base Set as well as the special Insert Cards, which have been randomly included in the Card Packs.  To view examples from each category, click on names in red and see actual card image.

  SP = Short Print

SSP = Super Short Print

Base Set


1        Ben Carson              

2        Bernie Sanders      

3        Bobby Jindal            

4        Carly Fiorina  (Has Reverse Photo Rare Version)         

5        Chris Christie           

6        Donald Trump        

7        George Pataki        

8        Hillary Clinton         

9        Jeb Bush  

10      Jill Stein     

11      Jim Gilmore             

12      Jim Webb

13      John Kasich              

14      John McAfee          

15      Lincoln Chaffee      

16      Lindsey Graham    

17      Marco Rubio           

18      Martin O'Malley    

19      Mike Huckabee     

20      Rand Paul 

21      Rick Perry (Santorum Error. Rare Version is Corrected)

22      Rick Santorum        

23      Scott Walker           

24      Ted Cruz   


25      Al Franken

26      Bill Clinton

27      Trey Gowdy            

28      Debbie Wasserman-Schultz             

29      Deval Patrick           

30      Elijah E. Cummings

31      Elizabeth Warren  

32      Harry Reid

33      Ivanka Trump         

34      Joe Biden 

35      John Boehner         

36      John Kerry

37      John McCain           

38      Jon Huntsman Jr.  

39      Kevin McCarthy     

40      Michelle Obama    

41      Mitch McConnell   

42      Mitt Romney          

43      Nancy Pelosi           

44      Nikki Haley               

45      Paul Ryan 

46      President Obama  

47      Reince Priebus       

48      Ronald Reagan       

49      Sarah Palin               

50      Tom Kaine

The Spouses

51      Frank Fiorina           

52      Candy Carson         

53      Columba Bush        

54      Heidi Cruz 

55      Jane O'Meara - Sanders     

56      Janet Huckabee     

57      Jeanette Rubio      

58      Karen Kasich           

59      Katie O'Malley        

60      Kelley Paul               

61      Libby Pataki             

62      Mary Pat Christie  

63      Melania Trump        

64      Bill Clinton

The Debates

65      Voters First Forum 8/3/15 

66      Fox News Republican Pre-Debate 8/7/15   

67      Fox News Republican Debate 8/7/15           

68      CNN Republican Debate 9/16/15    

69      CNBC Republican Pre-Debate 10/28/15       

70      CNBC Republican Debate 10/28/15

71      Fox Business Republican Debate 11/10/15 

72      CNN Republican Debate 12/15/15 

73      CNN Democratic Debate 10/13/15 

74      CBS Democratic Debate 11/14/15  

75      ABC Democratic Debate 11/14/15  

76      Fox Business Republican Debate 1/14/16   


77      Ben Carson              

78      Bernie Sanders      

79      Carly Fiorina            

80      Chris Christie           

81      Donald Trump        

82      Hillary Clinton         

83      Jeb Bush   

84      John Kasich              

85      Marco Rubio           

86      Martin O'Malley    

87      Mike Huckabee     

88      Rand Paul (ERROR - #86)

89      Rick Santorum        

90      Ted Cruz   

Campaign Moments

91      Clinton hits Iowa Early         

92      Trump's First Debate           

93      Trump - Cruz Running mates?         

94      Trump - Bush low-five        

95      Sanders-Clinton Tired of E-mails     

96      The Bengazi Hearings          

97      President Barack Obama   

Future Stars 2020

98      Andrew Cuomo     

99      Cory Booker            

100    George P. Bush      

101    Joaquín Castro       

102    Julian Castro            

103    Kelly Ayotte            

104    Kirsten Gillibrand  

105    Kris Kobach              

106    Michael Bennet     

107    Mike Pence             

108    Pat McCory              

109    Scott Walker           

110    Tom Cotton             

Insert Cards

High Numbers #111-135

111  Michael Bloomberg   Candidates

112  Gary Johnson           Candidates

113  Wayne LaPierre       Influencers

114  Bill De Blasio            Influencers

115  George W. Bush       Influencers

116  Rev. Al Sharpton       Influencers

117  Tulsi Gabbard            Influencers

118  Fox News Google Republican Debate 1/28/16   The Debates

119  NBC News Democratic Debate 1/17/2016          The Debates

120  PBS Democratic Debate 2/11/2016                     The Debates 

121  CBS Republican Debate 2/13/16                         The Debates 

122  CNN Republican Debate 2/25/16                         The Debates 

123  Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump         Campaign Moments  

124  Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood Endorses Hillary Campaign Moments 

125  Ted Cruz endorsed by Rick Perry              Campaign Moments 

126  Jeb Bush endorsed by Lindsey Graham    Campaign Moments 

127  Bushs come out for Jeb                             Campaign Moments 

128  Chris Christie endorses Trump                  Campaign Moments 

129  Ted Cruz Wins Iowa                                  Campaign Moments 

130  Hillary wins Iowa by a coin flip                   Campaign Moments 

131  Trump Huge in New Hampshire                Campaign Moments 

132  New Hampshire feels The Bern!               Campaign Moments 

133  Former Candidates Jindal & Pataki Endorse Rubio  Campaign Moments 

134  Hillary clobbers Bernie in South Carolina  Campaign Moments 

135  Trump Wins big in Nevada                        Campaign Moments


First Lady Portraits (Retail Versions only)

1       Barbara Bush     

2       Michelle Obama               

3       Hillary Clinton    

4       Laura Bush          

5       Nancy Reagan    

6       Jacqueline Kennedy        

7       Rosalynn Carter                

8       Betty Ford           

9       Pat Nixon            

Candidate Portraits

Hobby Version are Color/Retail are Black & White


CP1      Barack Obama  

CP2      Ben Carson      

CP3      Bernie Sanders 

CP4      Bill Clinton      

CP5      Carly Fiorina    

CP6      Chris Christie   

CP7      Donald Trump  

CP8      George W. Bush

CP9      Hillary Clinton 

CP10    Jeb Bush  

CP11    John Kasich      

CP12    Marco Rubio    

CP13    Michael Bloomberg

CP14    Martin O'Malley       

CP15    Mike Huckabee

CP16    Rand Paul

CP17    Ronald Reagan

CP18    Ted Cruz 

CP19    George H. W. Bush (SP)       

CP20    Mitt Romney (SP)    

CP21    Joe Biden (SSP)           

CP22    Sarah Palin (SP)         

CP23    Lindsey Graham (SP)               

CP24    Rick Perry (SP)           

CP25    John McCain (SP)     

CP26    Rick Santorum (SP) 

CP27    Gary Johnson (SSP)    

Trump Under Fire

Trump Under Fire or “TUF” Chronicles all of the exciting moments of the campaign where Donald Trump was in a precarious position because of something he said or a position he felt strongly about and resignation or implosion seemed imminent. Trump made it through every time.  In fact each time the pundits and political elites and establishment thought Trump was finished he only would rise in the polls.


Retail and Blaster are Gold Foil


Hobby Version Contains Parallel Foil Colors

Rainbow Silver Foil = Common

Pink Foil = Uncommon

Green Foil = Rare

Blue Foil = Very Rare

Red Foil = Ultra Rare


TUF1      Trump vs. Mexican Immigration

TUF2      Trump says McCain not a war hero

TUF3      Trump vs. Megyn Kelly

TUF4      Trump ejects Univision Reporter

TUF5      Trump mocks Carly's face

TUF6      Trump vs. CNBC debate moderators

TUF7      Trump claims Muslims celebrated 9/11 in NJ

TUF8      Trump "Mocks" disabled reporter

TUF9      Trump wants to put ban on Muslim immigration

TUF10    Trump Pledges to Republican Party

TUF11    Says Hillary Clinton "Got Schlonged"

TUF12    Trump calls for database of Muslims

TUF13    Cruz battles Trump over citizenship issue

TUF14    Parliament debates Trump ban from UK

TUF15    Trump vs. Women

TUF16    Trump vs. National Review

TUF17    Trump says he could shoot and not lose voters

TUF18    Trump Faces off against Fox News Debate

TUF19    Trump critical of G.W.Bush & Iraq War

TUF20    Trump calls for Apple Boycott 

TUF21    Pope critical of Trump's stance on immigration 

TUF22    Mexican President says he will not pay for wall

TUF23    Trump waffles on David Duke endorsement 

TUF24    Mitt Romney Blasts Trump

Authentic Cut Signature Cards

Gold Foil = Common

Blue Foil = Very Rare

Red Foil = Ultra Rare

All autographs are randomly inserted.  Trump is the most prevalent.


CS1 Ben Carson       

CS2 Donald Trump   

CS3 George W. Bush  (SP)

CS4 Hillary Clinton  

CS5 Jeb Bush  

CS6 Marco Rubio  

CS7 Mike Huckabee  

CS8 Rand Paul   

CS9 Rick Santorum 

CS10 Scott Walker 

CS11 John Kasich

CS12 Ted Cruz  (SP) 

CS13 Carly Fiorina  (SP)   

CS14 Chris Christie (SP)  

CS15 Mitt Romney (SP)

CS16 Lindsey Graham (SP)

CS17 Martin O'Malley        

CS18 Rick Perry 

CS19 Paul Ryan (SSP)

CS20 John McCain     

CS21 Sarah Palin (SSP)

CS22 Bernie Sanders (SSP)


Jumbo Box Toppers  (Hobby Box only)

J1    Barack Obama 

J2    Ben Carson                   

J3    Bernie Sanders              

J4    Bill Clinton                    

J5    Carly Fiorina (SP)                

J6    Chris Christie (SP)              

J7    Donald Trump              

J8    Elizabeth Warren (SSP)        

J9    George W. Bush (SP)          

J10  Hillary Clinton              

J11  Jeb Bush                

J12  Joe Biden (SP)                     

J13  John Kasich                  

J14  Bernie and Hillary e-mails    

J15  Marco Rubio                 

J16  Martin O'Malley            

J17  Michael Bloomberg       

J18  Michelle Obama (SP)           

J19  Mike Huckabee             

J20  Mitt Romney (SP)               

J21  Paul Ryan (SP)                   

J22  Ronald Reagan             

J23  Sarah Palin (SSP)                  

J24  Ted Cruz                       

Hobby Version Rare Inserts ("Hits")

God Bless America Flags (Mini Flag Patch) (Hobby Box only)

Gold Foil = Common

Green Foil = Rare

Blue Foil = Very Rare

Red Foil = Ultra Rare


GBA1  Barack Obama  

GBA2  Ben Carson      

GBA3  Bernie Sanders 

GBA4  Bill Clinton      

GBA5   Carly Fiorina    

GBA6  Chris Christie   

GBA7  Donald Trump  

GBA8  Hillary Clinton 

GBA9  Jeb Bush  

GBA10 John Kasich      

GBA11 Marco Rubio    

GBA12 Martin O'Malley       

GBA13 Mike Huckabee

GBA14 Rand Paul

GBA15 Ronald Reagan

GBA16 Ted Cruz  

GBA17 Hillary Clinton (SP)

GBA18 Donald Trump (SP)

Road to The White House - Letters (Hobby Box only)

Letter Cards Spell Candidates Last Name


Gold Foil = Common

Blue Foil = Very Rare

Red Foil = Ultra Rare


RWH1  Ben Carson

RWH2  Bernie Sanders 

RWH3  Carly Fiorina    

RWH4  Chris Christie   

RWH5  Donald Trump  

RWH6  Hillary Clinton 

RWH7  Jeb Bush  

RWH8  John Kasich      

RWH9  Marco Rubio    

RWH10 Martin O'Malley       

RWH11 Mike Huckabee

RWH12 Ted Cruz 

Elite Premium Set (Hobby Box only)

Gold Foil = Common

Blue Foil = Very Rare

Red Foil = Ultra Rare


E1.     Justice Scalia (SSP)

E2.     Bush Dynasty

E3.     Trump & Palin

E4.     The Clintons

E5.     The White House

E6.     George Washington 

E7.     Nancy Reagan  (SP)

Super Flags (Jumbo Flag Patch) (Hobby Box only)

Gold Foil = Common

Blue Foil = Very Rare

Red Foil = Ultra Rare

Black & White Flags = Ultra Rare

Reverse Flags = Ultra Rare


SF1 Barack Obama  

SF2 Ben Carson      

SF3 Bernie Sanders 

SF4 Bill Clinton      

SP5 Carly Fiorina    

SF6 Chris Christie   

SF7 Donald Trump  

SF8 Hillary Clinton 

SF9 Jeb Bush  

SF10 John Kasich      

SF11 Marco Rubio    

SF12 Martin O'Malley       

SF13 Mike Huckabee

SF14 Rand Paul

SF15 Ronald Reagan

SF16 Ted Cruz  

SF17 Hillary Clinton 

SF18 Donald Trump  

SF19  Mitt Romney 

SF20 Michael Bloomberg 

SF21 Sarah Palin 

SF22 Michelle Obama 

SF23 Joe Biden 

Political Gems (Hobby Box only)

Gold Foil = Common

Green Foil = Rare

Blue Foil = Very Rare

Red Foil = Ultra Rare


PG1   Barack Obama  

PG2   Ben Carson      

PG3   Bernie Sanders 

PG4   Bill Clinton      

PG5   Carly Fiorina    

PG6   Chris Christie   

PG7   Donald Trump  

PG8   George W. Bush

PG9   Hillary Clinton 

PG10  Jeb Bush  

PG11  John Kasich      

PG12   Marco Rubio    

PG13   Michael Bloomberg (SP)

PG14   Martin O'Malley       

PG15   Michelle Obama

PG16   Rand Paul

PG17   Ronald Reagan

PG18   Ted Cruz  

PG19   Mitt Romney (SP)

PG20   Mike Huckabee

PG21   Melania Trump (SSP)

PG22   Joe Biden

PG23   Sarah Palin

PG24   Donald J. Trump (SP) 


Pieces of America Coin & Stamp Cards (Hobby Box only)

Each Card Contains an Authentic USA Postage Stamp and State Quarter Relevant to Subject

Gold Foil = Common

Green Foil = Rare

Blue Foil = Very Rare

Red Foil = Ultra Rare


PA1  Hillary Clinton (IL)  Rare Version = NY Quarter

PA2  Donald Trump (NY)  Rare Version = FLA Quarter

PA3  Bernie Sanders (VT)  Rare Version = NY Quarter

PA4  Marco Rubio (FL)  

PA5  Ted Cruz (TX)                         

PA6  John Kasich (OH)  

PA7  Ben Carson (MI)     

PA8  Bill Clinton (AR)             

PA9  George W. Bush (TX)          

PA10   Barack Obama (HI)             

PA11   Chris Christie (NJ) 

PA12   Jeb Bush (FL)  

PA13   Mitt Romney (UT)  Rare Version = MA Quarter          

PA14   Rand Paul (KY)               

PA15   Mike Huckabee (AR)               

PA16   Martin O’Malley (MD)

PA17   Mike Bloomberg (NY)         

PA18   Ronald Reagan (CA)       

PA19   Carly Fiorina (VA)       

PA20   Sarah Palin (AK)                

PA21   Joe Biden   (PA)               

Money Card (Hobby Box only)

Each Card Contains Authentic Shredded Money Actually From the Federal Reserve


Gold Foil = Common

Red Foil = Ultra Rare


MO1 Barack Obama  

MO2 Ben Carson      

MO3 Bernie Sanders 

MO4 Bill Clinton      

MO5 Carly Fiorina    

MO6 Chris Christie   

MO7 Donald Trump  

MO8 George W. Bush

MO9 Hillary Clinton 

MO10 Jeb Bush  

MO11 John Kasich      

MO12 Marco Rubio    

MO13 Michael Bloomberg

MO14 Martin O'Malley       

MO15 Mike Huckabee

MO16 Rand Paul

MO17 Ronald Reagan

MO18 Ted Cruz