Decision 2016 Trading Cards
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How to Collect-FAQ

Why collect cards?

Card collecting is a past time that has been around for generations.  Reasons people collect, and what they collect, is personal, but here are a few common threads.

  • Fandom Card collecting can help make you a bigger (and more knowledgeable)fan by bringing you closer to the subject you love.  Whether it's specific sports, teams, players, fandoms, or politics, collecting cards creates a connection to your favorites as well as those you love to hate.
  • Social  Card collecting with friends can be fun and exciting as you open card packs together to see which cards everyone got, and then to trade your duplicates or others for a card you really want. 
  • Nostalgia  Card collecting of any kind can take a collector back in time, to their childhood when collecting baseball cards was an American pastime
  • Investment Rare or highly desirable cards can grow in value.  eBay auctions are a great place to search for, or sell, a specific, rare collectible card. Many rare cards from various card collecting genres increase in value over time exponentially.  Other highly desirable cards may show an immediate return on investment if other collectors are seeking that card.
  • Fun  Many card collectors do it as a hobby, simply for the fun and enjoyment.  Opening a pack to see what special cards they have received and reading everything they can about the subject matter is fun and exciting for hobby collectors.
  • Politics is the New Sports  In an unprecedented election process, the 2016 Presidential Election seems to have everyone talking.  Whether it's the issues, the candidates that you love and maybe loathe, the debates, or the influencers, the Decision 2016 Trading Cards offer something for everyone!

How are cards packaged? 

In the Hobby Elite Box, all cards are randomly packaged in the following units: 

  • 6 Cards Per Pack 
  • 24 Packs Per Box 
  • 6 Boxes Per Inner Case 
  • 12 Boxes Per Master Case (2 Sealed Inner Cases) 

What is a Base Set? 

The Base Set includes 110 cards, representing the main set of cards in the collection. 

Will I get all 110 Base Set cards in a Hobby Box or Retail Box since there are 144 cards in each Box? 

As all cards are randomly inserted into Card Packs, this may or may not occur. 

What are Parallel Cards? 

Parallel Cards are a variation of the Base Cards. The content and numbering of the Parallel Cards are the same, however, they have a special element that sets them apart from their Base Card counterparts.  Parallel Cards are produced in lower quantities and are therefore rarer than the Base Cards.   

In Decision 2016 Trading Cards collection, Parallel Cards for the Base Set have been designed and enhanced with the following and are randomly inserted into Hobby and Retail Card Packs: 

  • Parallel With All American Foil Parallels Gold/Pink/Green/Blue/Red
  • Parallel With Border PMS Colors Gold/Silver/Pink/Green/Blue/Red

What are Insert Cards? 

Insert Cards are special subsets outside of the Base Set.  Inserts will include special features; in Decision 2016, Insert Cards include embellishments such as real gems, actual shredded U.S. currency and U.S. flag patches.  Insert Cards are also called Chase Cards.  They are rarer than Base Cards and are inserted randomly into Card Packs based on insertion ratios, which are based on an average of the entire production run.  No rate is guaranteed to exist within any individual pack, box or case.  Limited edition insert cards are randomly inserted.

Can I purchase single cards or specific card sets from Decision 2016 Trading Cards? 

Decision 2016 Trading Cards does not sell single cards or specific cards.  As all cards are randomly inserted into Card Packs, based on insert ratios above, many cards that are rare or hard to find, are available by individual sellers and collectors in the secondary markets.  Recommended places to look for specific cards include ebay and card dealers.  We will keep our eyes open on ebay and post the latest card auctions from ebay on our site, under the What's Hot tab.  Participating in a Live Box Break Event (detailed below) may also provide opportunity to obtain specific cards. 

What is a Live Box Break Event? 

In card collecting, dealers will often host an event called a Box or Case Break.  Collectors are able to purchase a "break spot" that will allow them to purchase a spot to obtain a specific number of cards.  Based on the dealer specifics, a pick order is established.  In a Live Box Break Event, the box (or case) is opened and reviewed with all participants.  In today's high tech world, a live break can be done via an online chat room, including remote participants from various locations.  Once the Box is opened and cards reviewed, participants select the cards they want based on picking order. 

Where can I see the list of cards available as part of the Decision 2016 Trading Cards collection? 

View the Decision 2016 Trading Cards product checklist 

What are Promo Cards? 

Promo cards are a special, early release version of selected Base Cards, usually having a different photo or slightly different details than the actual card release.  These Promo cards are clearly marked with the word PROMO and have been given away to promote the soon-to-be-released Decision 2016 Trading Cards.  As these are distributed ahead of the actual card collections, they are often desired as they are the first peek into the types and quality of cards being produced as part of the set. 

How does Decision 2016 Trading Cards obtain Autographs for the Cut Auto Cards and do they have an LOA (Letter of Authenticity)?

All of the cut signatures for the autograph cut cards were purchased from reputable sources and were either authenticated by PSA or are from signed copies of candidate books they actually wrote. For example, Trump signed 10,000 of his newest book “Crippled America”. Decision 2016 Trading Cards acquired several of these books and removed the signature page from the book and made it into a cut signature Trading Card.  The “LOA” is from Brian Wallos, CEO, and the company Decision 2016 Trading Cards.  Each Cut Auto Card is guaranteed authentic.