Decision 2016 Trading Cards
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Product Checklist-Decision Update

This product contains a random assortment of 30 Cards Per Box  
Inner Sealed Case Contains 4 Boxes
Inner Sealed 8 Box Half Case Contains Two 4 Box Cases  
Master Sealed 16 Box Case Contains 2 Inner Half Cases 
We do not sell Sets or Single Cards. This product is sold randomly and contains over two thirds New Update Cards in each Box and Case.

Each Box Contains Approximately: 
13 – 14 Base Cards 
2 Commemorative Cards 
3-5 Trump Under Fire 
3-4 Clinton Controversy 
3-4 Portraits 
2-3 “Hits”  


Base Set (#247 – 340) 

247       Trump Wins!            
248       President Donald J. Trump              
249       Vice President Michael R. Pence                     
250       First Lady Melania Trump                       
251       Karen Pence                  
252       Hillary Clinton Concedes Transition Moments        
253       Trump goes to White house  Transition Moments        
254       Obama and Trump  Transition Moments        
255       Trump meets with Romney  Transition Moments       
256       Inauguration Day  Transition Moments         
257       George W Bush loses to rain poncho  Transition Moments       
258       Jared KushnerKey Advisors      
259       Steve  Bannon   Key Advisors     
260       Kellyanne Conway   Key Advisors      
261       Hope Hicks       Key Advisors      
262       Sean Spicer      Key Advisors     
263       K.T McFarland  Key Advisors     
264       Ivanka Trump    Key Advisors      
265       HR McMaster    Key Advisors      
266       Katrina Pierson Key Advisors      
267       Stephen Miller   Key Advisors     
268       Neil Gorsuch                 
269       Theresa May     INFLUENCERS 
270       Enrique Pena     INFLUENCERS     
271       Jason Chaffetz    INFLUENCERS 
272       Robert Gates    INFLUENCERS 
273       Adam Schiff     INFLUENCERS  
274       Tim Scott             INFLUENCERS    
275       Nigel Farage     INFLUENCERS 
276       Maxine Waters      INFLUENCERS 
277       Chuck Schumer    INFLUENCERS    
278       Rex Tillerson          
279       Steven Mnuchin       
280       James Mattis     (Rare Version Mad Dog)                 
281       Jeff Sessions                
282       Ryan Zinke                 
283       Sonny Perdue  
284       Wilbur L. Ross, Jr.                  
285       Alex Acosta (Rare Version Andrew Puzder)                  
286       Thomas Price                
287       Ben Carson                     
288       Elaine Chao             
289       Rick Perry                       
290       Elisabeth DeVos              
291       David Shulkin                    
292       John F. Kelly                  
293       Reince Priebus                     
294       Robert Lighthizer                 
295       Daniel Coats                 
296       Nikki Haley                     
297       Mick Mulvaney                        
298       Mike Pompeo              
299       Scott Pruitt                       
300       Linda McMahon                   
301     Gary Cohn    
302     Sergey Kislyak INFLUENCERS 
303     John Bolton INFLUENCERS 
304     Dick Durbin INFLUENCERS 
305     Chris Collins  INFLUENCERS 
306     James Clapper  INFLUENCERS 
307     John Cornyn  INFLUENCERS 
308     Merrick Garland INFLUENCERS 
309     Pat Leahy INFLUENCERS 
310     Joe Manchin   INFLUENCERS 
311     Carter Page   INFLUENCERS (Rare Version Future Star) 
312     Jim Himes Future Star 
313     Eric Swalwell – Future Star 
314     Matt Schlapp INFLUENCERS 
315     Mark Meadows – Future Star 
316     Karen Handel – Future Star 
317     Jon Ossoff  – Future Star   
318     Claire McCaskill INFLUENCERS 
319     Leon Panetta INFLUENCERS 
320     Susan Rice INFLUENCERS 
321     Judge Jeanine Pirro INFLUENCERS 
322     Judge Theodore D. Chuang INFLUENCERS 
323     Judge Derrick K. Watson INFLUENCERS 


High Numbers (Short Print “SP”) 

324     Dina Powell INFLUENCERS (SP) 
325     Evelyn Farkas INFLUENCERS (SP) 
326     Jim Jordan  INFLUENCERS (SP) 
327     Preet Bharara INFLUENCERS (SP) 
328     Sally Yates  INFLUENCERS (SP) 
329     Richard Blumenthal  INFLUENCERS (SP) 
330     Richard Burr  INFLUENCERS (SP) 
331     Tim Ryan INFLUENCERS (SP) 
332     Rod Rosenstein  INFLUENCERS (SP) 
333     Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Rare Version No Sanders) (SP) 
334     Sally Yates FUTURE STARS (SP) 
335     Tom Bossert (SP) 
336     Sergey Lavrov INFLUENCERS (SP) 
337     Robert Mueller INFLUENCERS (SP) 
338     Ted Lieu Future Star  (SP) 
339     Elise Stefanik Future Star  (SP) 
340     Calista Gingrich (SP) 


Rare Variations  

265     Michael Flynn      
280     James Mattis  Mad Dog”                    
285     Andrew Puzder                  
311    Carter Page Future Star 
333    Sarah Huckabee (No Sanders) 


Candidate Portraits  

CP60  Donald J. Trump  
CP61  Franklin D. Roosevelt   
CP62  George Washington 
CP63  Ralph Nadar 
CP64  Jerry Brown  
CP65  Mike Pence 
CP66  Thomas Jefferson 


First Ladies  

FLP14 Melania Trump  
FLP15 Martha Washington 


Trump Under Fire TUF” (#61 - #82) 

Silver Foil & Gold Foil = Common  
Pink Foil = Uncommon 
Green Foil = Rare 
Blue Foil =Very Rare 
Red Foil=Ultra Rare 
Ice Blue Foil = Super Rare 
TUF61    Press conference with Clinton accusers 
TUF62    Trump ducks Media for a steak 
TUF63    Trump vs. Jill Stein election recounts    
TUF65    Trump vs. the Media  
TUF66     Donald vs. Arnold  
TUF67     Trump vs. Schumer  
TUF68     Michael Flynn (Pick up image from #163)  
TUF69     Attacks Travel ban judge as “So Called Judge” 
TUF70     Trump alleges voter fraud after election 
TUF71     Steve Bannon appointment 
TUF72     Jeff Sessions grilled by Democrats 
TUF73     Nepotism claims over Ivanka at meetings 
TUF74     Trump calls Taiwan President 
TUF75     Trump Calls Australia over Refugees 
TUF76     Merkel and Trump meeting, Tense! 
TUF77     Media: Business conflicts in Trump White House 
TUF78     Trump vs. SNL 
TUF79     Trump vs. Intel Agencies 
TUF80     Trump vs. Sanctuary City mayors  
TUF81     Obama “Wire Tapped” Trump Tower SP 
TUF82     Mar-A-Lago SP 


Trump Under Fire New Photo Variations 

TUF25   Tax Returns 
TUF34   Abortion 
TUF35   Hands  
TUF39   Clothing Made overseas  
TUF57   Iraq War  


Clinton Controversies (#25 -40) 

Silver Foil & Gold Foil = Common  
Pink Foil = Uncommon 
Green Foil = Rare 
Blue Foil =Very Rare 
Red Foil=Ultra Rare 
Ice Blue Foil = Super Rare 
25.     Hillary Russia Reset   
26.     Bill Clinton Rendezvous with Loretta Lynch   
27.     Podesta Ties To Russia Revealed  
28.     Memo shows Bill Clinton's wealth  
29.     Clinton Rallies fail to draw excitement   
30.     Bill Clinton Slams Obama Care   
31.     Hillary ignores the Battleground  
32.     UPSET! Clinton Loses To Trump  
33.     Donna Brazile 
34.     Hillary Russian Uranium Deal Draws Scrutiny 
35.     Clinton Foundation Donations DRY UP!  
36.     Not losing gracefully :   
37.     Blame Game  
38.     Shattered Book Released 
39.     Obama told Hillary to Concede 
40.     WEINER Laptop 


Party Pals Booklets 

Gold Foil = Common 
Blue Foil =Very Rare 
Red Foil=Ultra Rare 
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton 
Barack Obama and Joe Biden 
Bill Clinton and Al Gore 
Donald Trump and Ben Carson 
Donald Trump and Chris Christie 
Donald Trump and Melania Trump 
Donald Trump and Mike Pence 
Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich 
Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani 
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin 
George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush 
George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan  
Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton 
Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz 
Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren 
Hillary Clinton and George Soros 
Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine  
Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney 


World Leader Flag Patches 

Gold Foil = Common 
Green Foil = Rare 
Blue Foil =Very Rare 
Red Foil=Ultra Rare 
Ice Blue Foil = Super Rare 
Flag Variations also include LGBT, EU, NATO, POW 
1.      United States of America – Donald J. Trump 
2.      United States of America – Barack Obama 
3.      Canada - Justin Trudeau 
4.      Mexico - Enrique Peña Nieto 
5.      Israel – Benjamin Netanyahu 
6.      Australia – Malcolm Turnball 
7.      Japan – Shinzo Abe 
8.      China - Xi Jinping 
9.      Russia – Vladimar Putin 
10.    Great Britain/ United Kingdom -  Theresa May 
11.    Germany - Angela Merkel 
12.    Philippines – Rodrigo Duterte 
13.    Taiwan - Tsai Ing-wen 
14.    Cuba - Raúl Castro 
15.    France - François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron  
16.    South Korea - Park Geun-hye and Moon Jae-IN 
17.    Iran - Ayatollah Ali Khamenei  
18.    North Korea – Kim Jong-un 
19.   Sweden –Stefan Loefven 
20.   Syria – Bashar Al-Assad 
21.   France – Marine Le Pen 
22.   Vatican – Pope Francis 


Political Gems  

Gold Foil = Common 
Green Foil = Rare 
Blue Foil =Very Rare 
Red Foil=Ultra Rare 
Ice Blue Foil = Super Rare 
45.  Donald J. Trump 
46.  Al Franken 
47.  Arnold Schwarzenegger 
48.  Barack Obama 
49.  Benjamin Netanyahu 
50.  Bernie Sanders 
51.  Chuck Schumer 
52.  Ivanka Trump 
53.  James Mattis   
54.  Jeff Sessions 
55.  John Lewis 
56.  Justin Trudeau 
57.  KellyAnne Conway 
58.  Linda McMahon  
59.  Mitch McConnell 
60.  Nancy Pelosi 
61.  Nikki Haley 
62.  Sean Spicer 


Pieces of America Coin & Stamp Cards

Each card contains an Official State Quarter and an Official US Postage Stamp 
24K Gold Plated State Quarter Versions are Rare and found one in 3 Cases  
48.  Donald J. Trump  
49.  Al Franken  
50.  Arnold Schwarzenegger 
51.  Barack Obama 
52.  Bernie Sanders 
53.  Chuck Schumer  
54.  Ivanka Trump 
55.  James Mattis 
56.  Jeff Sessions  
57.  John Lewis  
58.  Justin Trudeau  
59.  KellyAnne Conway  
60.  Melania Trump  
61.  Mike Pence  
62.  Mitch McConnell 
63.  Nancy Pelosi  
64.  Nikki Haley  
65.  Donald J. Trump SP 


Money Cards 

Gold Foil = Common 
Green Foil = Rare 
Blue Foil =Very Rare 
Red Foil=Ultra Rare 
Ice Blue Foil = Super Rare 
39.  Donald J. Trump 
40.  Arnold Schwarzenegger 
41.  Barack Obama 
42.  Bernie Sanders 
43.  Chuck Schumer 
44.  Ivanka Trump 
45.  James Mattis   
46.  Janet Yellen 
47.  Jeff Sessions 
48.  John Lewis 
49.  KellyAnne Conway 
50.  Linda McMahon  
51.  Melania Trump  
52.  Mike Pence 
53.  Mitch McConnell 
54.  Nancy Pelosi 
55.  Rex Tillerson 
56.  Steve Mnuchin 



Flag Variations include 
50.  Donald Trump 
51.  Arnold Schwarzenegger 
52.  Barack Obama 
53.  Bernie Sanders 
54.  Chuck Schumer 
55.  H.R. McMaster 
56.  Ivanka Trump 
57.  James Mattis   
58.  Jeff Sessions 
59.  John F. Kelly 
60.  KellyAnne Conway 
61.  Mike Pence 
62.  Mitch McConnell 
63.  Nancy Pelosi 
64.  Nikki Haley 
65.  Rex Tillerson 
66.  Rick Perry 


ELITE Premium  

Gold Foil = Common 
Green Foil = Rare 
Blue Foil =Very Rare 
Red Foil=Ultra Rare 
Ice Blue Foil = Super Rare 
E21  John Glenn 
E22  Janet Reno 
E23  Shimon Peres 
E24  Fidel Castro    
E25  Andrew Jackson 
E26  Abraham Lincoln    
E27  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr   
E28  The War Room 
E29  The Jefferson Memorial  
E30  Donald J. Trump 45th POTUS 
PBO Obama Presidential Premium 


Inauguration Premium  

Gold Foil = Common 
Green Foil = Rare 
Blue Foil =Very Rare 
Red Foil=Ultra Rare 
Ice Blue Foil = Super Rare 
IP1 The Trumps arrive in Washington               
IP2 Trump and Obama meet before ceremony  
IP3 The National Mall January 20, 2017   
IP4  Ready to become First Lady               
IP5  Donald J. Trump takes Oath           
IP6  President Trump gives his Inaugural address        
IP7  President and Vice President say farewell to the Obamas   
IP8  The Inauguration Parade  
IP9 The Trumps at the Liberty Ball          


Thank You Tour Premium 

Gold Foil = Common 
Green Foil = Rare 
Blue Foil =Very Rare 
Red Foil=Ultra Rare 
Ice Blue Foil = Super Rare 
TY1  Thursday, December 01, 2016 – Cincinnati, OH 
TY2  Tuesday, December 06, 2016 – Fayetteville, NC 
TY3  Thursday, December 08, 2016 – Des Moines, IA 
TY4  Friday, December 09, 2016 – Grand Rapids, MI 
TY5  Tuesday, December 13, 2016 – West Allis, WI   
TY6  Thursday, December 15, 2016 – Hershey, PA 
TY7  Friday, December 16, 2016 – Orlando, FL 
TY8  Saturday, December 17, 2016 – Mobile, AL 


New! Authentic Cut Signature Cards  

Donald Trump  
Donald J. Trump  
George W. Bush  
George W. Bush  
Hillary Clinton    
Hillary Rodham Clinton  
Sheriff David Clarke  
Sheriff Clarke  
Nikki Haley  
Marco Rubio  
Ben Sasse  
Jeb Bush       
Ivanka Trump  
Kellyanne Conway  
Ted Cruz