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Decision 2016 Series 2 Hobby Case

$ 1,550.00

The Decision 2016 Series 2 Hobby Case includes 16 Hobby Boxes.  This is an ALL NEW HOBBY ONLY product!

16 box master case; each case contains four inner cases (4 box) sealed in two half cases (8 box).  All new content - Hobby Only - 30 cards per box.

The production of the Decision 2016 Series 2 will be capped at 150 cases.  However, this release will be made on a print to order basis.  Due to the election being too close, the production quantity may well be shorter than that figure.  We will be allocating orders for more than one case based on order quantities of Decision Series 1.

Each Box contains:  16 High Number Base Cards; 4 Candidate Portraits; 4 Trump Under Fire; 3 Clinton Controversies; and 1 Letter Card.  2 "Hits" Per Box.  Hits (32 per case) are collated as follows:   Cut Signature - 4 per case; Money Card - 2 per case; Pieces of America - 4 per case; Super Flag - 4 per case; GBA Flag - 8 per case; Elite - 2 per case; Gems - 4 per case; President Premium - 2 per case; Battleground States - 10 per case; Sketch - 1 per case.

This product contains a random assortment of Decision 2016 Series 2 cards.  No insert or hit is guaranteed to exist within any individual box or case.

Purchase price of $1,550 is postpaid.

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